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Growth between my dog's toes - Need advice! THX!

Hi, my name is Luis and I am writing to you to ask for advice regarding Milo, my 8yr old beagle. My wife and I today noticed a strange growth between his pads on his right rear leg. I am attaching a picture to show what it looks like (growth 1). At the same time we found he had another growth similar to this one on his front leg, in between his pads (growth 2).

Before I take him to the vet I would like to hear your thoughts about it since I don't want to go uninformed. He doesn't seem to be in pain but he would now and then lick it (he licks everything under the sun so we didn't pay too much attention to it).

I appreciate your help and thanks you in advance for any comment you could make on this regard.

Best Regards
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