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Changing Dog Foods

I did think about him being allergic to chicken but I didn't just start giving him chicken. I have given it to him for years. So, I thought before I start trying to figure any allergic reaction out by taking things away, I want to find a food he can eat where he will have normal poopies. Because he was normal before I started making the dog food changes, and he was eating chicken.
His last two potties have been better and not watery, just soft, so maybe he is getting a little better but I still don't want to leave him on Natural Balance. I was looking for a "very good" food for him and I don't think this is it. I had read on so many sites that it was a good food but when I went back and saw brewers yeast and omega 6, and it not agreeing with him, I need to find something better for him.

When he scratches his itches they are always in the same places. Under his front legs, the side of his rib cage, and the newest place is behind his penis in the fur area they have there. He licks there and he didnt really do that before. But, his nose runs too, and it seems he is more itchy when he comes inside from laying in the dirt outside. Not always but sometimes he scratches his ears, but the Vet said he has so much fur he is sure he gets loose hair in his ears which tickles him.

Once I get his stomach settled if he is still itchy I am going to try eliminating items one at a time. But, if I go to a grain free dog food, I want to see if eliminating grains makes a difference first before I eliminate chicken.

Does anyone know an answer to my question about Omega 6 in dog food make allergies worse than they already are? I have read one article that said it is good, the other article said it is worse for their allergies.

The same with Brewers Yeast. I read it is not a good ingrediant to put in dog food, but when I google Brewers Yeast, it said it is good for dogs. Does anyone know about Brewers Yeast? All of this gets so confusing because one doesnt know who is really acurate! Thank you all for your help.
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