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That is such a touching story! Bosco

In 2001 I moved into my first apartment, which was in the industrial area of my city. There were only 2 people living up there at the time, myself and another single woman. I soon discovered that I had a stalker - a guy kept driving up to my door, testing the handle and would drive away by the time I got up to try to get a license plate. I noticed the same tire tracks and boot tracks every morning (I told my boss, who ended up driving by my place every hour for 2 months, just trying to catch the guy).

Anyways, I was fostering a large dog, Summer, a lab/shepherd girl. I was woking at the SPCA at the time (and lived above the shelter). Anyways, it was shortly after Christmas, and I was sound asleep. I heard Summer growling and barking at 3 AM. I got up and she was standing at the living room window, looking out. I told her to "Show Me" (something I taught the dogs at the shelter): she dashed around the room, flew down the stairs and lunged at the door, knocking the curtain off the window. Her teeth were showing, she was biting at the window and barking in a weird way. I saw a guy take off, jump into his pickup and drive off. Summer settled down right away and calmly fell asleep next to my bed.

The next morning I was getting ready to head to work, and Summer started acting all weird again, she was pacing and whinning, huffing and snorting. I figured she needed to pee, so we went out the front door, just as a guy was trying the handle! This was about 6 AM. Summer freaked out and started barking, hackles up, teething showing, growling, circling the guy. He started to yell at me to "Call my dog off!", but I just yelled back that he had better not come back to my door again! He slowly backed off and drove away. Summer started wagging her tail then went to pee :P The guy never came back, and we ended up having a large Rotti become the shelter guard dog, so between him and Summer, I was well protected

It was that day that I decided that I was going to adopt her, and she was the best dog ever! I miss her so much :sad:
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