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Hi. Sorry for being so out of touch!

Howie's not doing well and hasn't responded to his treatments.

Tonight was horrible and very upsetting for all of us! Howie had "projectile" diarrhea all over our upstairs hallway. I'm balling my eyes out as I'm writing this!! My poor boy is dying and my hubby is upstairs trying to clean things up! When I offered my help, my hubby just yelled at me.

I'm devastated that we have to take him in soon to end his suffering! Yet, he's looking at me right now, wondering why I'm so upset! Howie is weak but otherwise he's eating well and is very, very affectionate. Even so, i know what we need to do. This really kills me!!!

Thank you all for guiding me through this! I wish the outcome was better!!!!!! I hate 2009 right now!!!

xxxooo to you all!
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