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He wont walk on the leash. When I put the harness and leash on him he freezes up and tries to go back to the house. I have been trying to teach him to walk with a collar and then a leash, but it is hard. What I have been doing is I put a piece of meat on the ground(lunch meat) and then I call his name. When He gets to the treat I praise him. But it is not getting very far. :/ I just might be a little inpatient.
You can condition him to the harness and leash by giving treats while rubbing them all over him so he gets used to the devices themselves.
Once you get the harness on don't immediately try to take him for a walk. Just leave it on (with your supervision) and let him get used to wearing it in the house first. Give treats and play with him while he's wearing it, he'll eventually forget he even has it on. It should be exactly the same as conditioning a dog to wearing a collar. Once they get used to having it on they don't even notice it.

He is beginning to hump his big, soft, squeaky bone. He is only 10 weeks old and I WILL be getting him nuteured. But is this normal at such a young age? I am truely confused. Also, what age is it safe to get him nuteured?
It's completely normal. Some dogs will pick a stuffed toy to try and dominate, it usually has nothing to do with trying to mate at that age. Dogs hump to make other dogs submit and show they're boss. A lot of the time I notice this with dogs that don't have much interaction with other dogs though. Does he get any socialization and play time with other dogs? At this age it's important you start socializing him with other dogs and puppies or else you might end up with aggression issues toward other dogs. I would definitely correct him for the humping and try to stop the behavior as it can become a habit.

- At some points he will growl at me and bark, as if his was more dominant. When he does this he licks his teeth like he is dominant. Is this dominant behavior? :P
Not sure exactly what you're asking here.
First, dogs licking their lips is usually a submissive gesture rather than dominant.
As far as the growling and barking that could mean a number of things. I would really have to see it myself. If he growls and barks and then bows the front of his body down that could just mean he wants to play.
It could also be just to get your attention.
If he's growling at you when you try to take his toys or food it's possessiveness and that needs to be corrected.
If he's growling and barking and snapping when you try to get the harness/leash on him it could either be fear (he's trying to get you to stop, you're scaring him), or dominance (he only wants things done on his terms).
It really depends on the actual body language and situation.
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