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Change Dog Food

rainbow, thank you very much for the links and advice on new dog food for my baby. I want to get his stomach and the rest of his body healthy as soon as I can. My heart just breaks everytime I see he still isn't normal and still itching.

Can I ask you one more question? I have read that omega 6 in dog foods can actually make allergies worse for your pets. Then I have read that omega 6 is good for your pets. Which is the truth? If it can make your pets allergies worse I wonder why they would put it in your pets food?

I know omega 3 is good for their skin and coat, but is that true for omega 6. I am asking because it is in the Natural Balance food I am currently giving him. And, if it is in any other dog food I select for him, I want to know for sure if it is good or not, and if it will make his allergies worse.

Thank you again for your time and knowledge. I really appreciate it.
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