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A funny memory....

Hi all,

This has not happened recently, but continues to put a huge smile on my face when I think of it...

About 5 years ago, my dog and I were settling in for the night, and were drifting off to sleep, when, after about 1 hour, my girl suddenly jolts out of her slumber and begins to sniff around anxiously. I mean, she literally jumped to her feet! I didn't hear anything unusual that might of caused her to be alarmed...

"What is it, what is it, girl"... I asked. Well, I had my answer. She had farted - a silent suzie (as it has been referred to), and had actually woken herself up
Awwww, the poor thing. She looked so dazed and confused, and I couldn't help but laugh a little - one of the most natural bodily functions in the world had spooked my dog...

PS. I hope this translates well - as visual humour sometimes fails to on the internet. It really was funny as well as endearing

Too bad I don't have any pics of this
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