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I agree that a choke collar for your dog isn't neccessary. Choke collars are often resorted to when people notice their dog pulling, however a lot of times it can CAUSE pulling. You have other options for tools to use on your dog in regards to pulling, my favorite (and the only collar I use on any of my dogs) is the martingale. It's very forgiving, which a choke chain collar is not. It's also extremley comfortable for your dog and very safe - he won't be able to slip out of it in the event that he's pulling.

Here's an awesome video that pattymac posted a while back that helps people with pulling called the 'Balance Leash'. I've tried this with a few dogs and it's been extremley successful with all. You may want to give it a try with your dog as well, instead of resorting to the choke collar.

He tries to hide behind me. He does tuck his tail and he'll try to pull away from the object he deems is the making the noise.

I have a feeling it's the loud noise, because regular cars are not a big problem, unless there are a lot of them, but those small, but loud scooters get him going.

Also, he's much better in the evening when there are fewer big trucks driving by.
Because he's reacting to the point where he is already getting behind you and tucking his tail and pulling away from the obect, this is telling me that any corrections you're trying to make are coming much to late. This isn't your fault, it just means that you aren't quite seeing the correct moment that the correction or innteruption needs to happen to change his focus from the vehicle. It NEEDS to happen before your dog gets into the 'fright & flight' state of mind, because once he's there - regardless of whether you try to remain calm and assertive - it's just too late.

I really reccomend you seeking out someone who can help you, even if you just get one or two lessons to show you when/how to properly move your dog through this behavior before it becomes a learned behavior.

BenMax had some wonderful suggestions, including that of getting another calm, stable dog to join you. The BEST teacher is another dog, and often the presence of another dog will keep your dogs mind off of the traffic. He may be more interested in socializing and it would be a wonderful step towards desensitizing him to the roads.
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