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Orijen has a chicken formula, a fish formula and a red meat formula. You can read about them here ......

Since you are adding extra meat protein to his kibble, he may very well still expect that, so you might want to consider the Acana Provincial brand which is made by the same manufacturer as Orijen but has a little less protein content. They have a chicken formula, a fish formula and a lamb formula and you can read about them here ......

Acana Provincial is also a little cheaper than Orijen since it has less meat content.

Since the Natural Balance isn't agreeing with him, I would stop feeding it and put him on boiled chicken and rice for a couple of days and then start giving the Orijen or Acana Provincial. Try adding a bit of plain organic yogurt (only has milk ingredients and active bacterial cultures) to his meals or else you can use prebiotics/probiotics.
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