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Well, bought Orijen all red meat grain free today. Got a small bag and was told by the vendor that if he has a real problem with it, or won't eat it, they will take back whatever is left so that's good to know!

The last time he vomited was some time over night. He was a bit lethargic this morning but by lunch time he was back to normal. By supper time he was hungry so he got some some boiled hamburger and rice with some plain yogourt. He was pretty rambunctious during our after dinner walk -- jumping up for his toy several times so that was good to see. I'll transition him to Orijen starting tomorrow I think.

The price was high but still acceptable I think. It's $80 for the large bag for the all red meat Orijen. I think the fish blend is $20 cheaper - might get a small bag of that too and see which one he likes best.

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