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Dog Food Changes

I do have those brands available to purchase near by. I have no idea on how to go about a raw diet and he cannot eat bones easily without me holding them for him. He has arthritis in one of his front ankles and cannot hold bones very well. I try to help him and hold it, but I dont turn it like he wants it to be, etc.

Is there several food types of Orijen, like chicken, liver, fish, etc., if so which one would you suggest?

I am so sick about putting my baby through this. I have no idea why I put my trust in the Vet regarding his diet, I usually am not like that. Especially with him, he is my baby.

I have always grilled chicken breasts (no seasoning added) and put about 1/4 chopped up on top of his dry kibble. He loves it and sits patiently while I cut it up, and is very happy the day we grill a new batch, but do you think I should continue doing this? Also, when I change to Orijen, should I add the Natural Balance in and change slowly? Or, because it is not agreeing with him, change it over immediately. I dont want to make him sicker than he is already. Thank you for your help.
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