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Originally Posted by norm258 View Post
wow - read through the first few posts on dog food. Learn something new everyday.

Found a local vendor for Acana and Orijen so I will be checking them out and go from there.


You will probably get sticker shock....don't panic! My GSD is 65 lbs., VERY active, and does well on just 3 cups of food a day. You feed far less on grain-free foods then the other stuff that's got all the fillers. She has a very sensitive tummy as well and does great on the Orijen.

You're probably right about the treats making Hunter sick. I find Kailey's tummy prefers fresh fruits and veggies for treats, as well as grain-free treats. You can get good-quality treats at any store that sells Orijen. My dogs also like apples, banana, carrots, broccoli and frozen melon balls.

If Hunter doesn't start keeping water down soon a vet visit may be in order....maybe try giving him some rice and boiled chicken? Plain yogurt and plain canned pumpkin or butternut squash baby food are also helpful.

If you switch him to a grain-free diet expect some soft poops and passing gas. Plain yougurt with each meal will help a lot with the transition. It could take as much as a month for him to adjust to the new food, so be patient.
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