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Thanks, everyone, for respodning.

Originally Posted by Bailey_ View Post
First off, great job for being consistant and NOT comforting him when he reacts to the loud sounds. As I'm sure you know, that would only enable the behavior.

Could I ask what type of collar you're using on him? Because he pulls and reacts to noises, you want to ensure that you're wearing a safe collar that won't hurt him, and also won't allow him to get out of it.
I have both a standard canvas collar and a choke collar. I never let him pull hard enough on either to hurt himself. I command him to sit. Usually that works, but if he's pulling very hard (which is not often) I'll grab his choke collar by hand, making sure it doesn't tighten and he doesn't choke himself.

What exactly is his reaction he has when the loud trucks pass? (Whining, putting on the brakes, leaping, pulling back, tail tucked?) You mentioned it's some small trucks, but does this behavior occur basically when any or the majority of vehicle passes? Does he exhibit this fear when the vehicle comes from behind you, or even when it's coming towards you?
He tries to hide behind me. He does tuck his tail and he'll try to pull away from the object he deems is the making the noise.

I have a feeling it's the loud noise, because regular cars are not a big problem, unless there are a lot of them, but those small, but loud scooters get him going.

Also, he's much better in the evening when there are fewer big trucks driving by.

Have you been trying to take him on the same paths every time?
We generally go on one of two or three regular routes.

You mentioned that he used to pull a lot when you first got him - how long have you had him, and in which direction was he pulling? Did he pull to lead, or pull back to escape? When he first pulled on the leash with you, did you notice this behavior towards the vehicles at that time as well?
We've had him since February, got him when he was 4 months. He has always pulled to lead. I only noticed the behaviour the first time I took him on a daytime walk, when those trucks were around.

I've been training him not to pull for about two weeks now.
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