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Wow - he's finicky but not that bad I think (or hope!) He eats - eventually when he's hungry.

I think I found what caused his tummy ache this time around - my daughter left a baggy of dog treats on the coffee table - they were used for training and such for her dog and consisted of a couple of handfuls of dried liver treats and bits of doggy biscuits. I found the remnants of the bag near his doggy bed! Might have been too much for him to take --

Do you prepare the raw food yourself or how is this done? Is there a canned dog food that would work?

Right now he is fed twice a day, 2 cups each feeding of Iams large breed. I know the breeder uses King Canine for GSD's but the ingredients were pretty close and the price was less for the Iams.

Thanks for the quick reply!
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