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MyBirdIsEvil had some great points. I think the thing people need to understand about watching Ceaser or another trainer on tv, or reading their books, is generally these people have been working with dogs that have behavior issues for YEARS. I've even heard Ceaser say on a few of his episodes that what he does is instinctual for him, and owners should not copy his actions or try things at home without consulting a professional.

With that said, I do think it's awesome you're trying really hard with your dog and I commend you for your efforts!!

Looking forward to hearing your answers to the questions, I'm sure someone will be able to help you a bit further. If you still find you're having problems, or you notice your dogs behavior is getting worse, please don't hesitate to call a behaviorist that can help you further. Sometimes it's such a huge help to have someone "spotting us" to identify if we're doing something wrong, and unintentionally sending a dog the wrong signals.
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