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Too add to the questions Baily asked:

Does he have this reaction when he's just outside at your home? That (home) would be the place to start desensitizing him.

Did you teach him leash manners in a calm place before trying to bring him outside in a more chaotic environment? If not, he may be a little too overwhelmed.

And last, have you tried any trust building activities with him? If he doesn't trust you, the "calm assertive" thing isn't going to work very well. He should be looking to you for guidance and comfort, instead he's trying to avoid the situation altogether.
I like Cesar Millan in some ways, but he makes it look like you can just pick up the leash, be calm and assertive and everything else will follow. It doesn't really work that way. It takes LOTS AND LOTS of time and patience to get dogs to trust you and to desensitize them to stuff and train them. Most people aren't Cesar Millan and they don't work with tons of dogs professionally every day.
You may be trying to rush him and being a bit impatient, which is counterproductive.

Also, 10 month old black labs are unbelievably hyperactive and need a ton of exercise. If he's not getting enough exercise and stimulation in a comfortable environment first he's probably going to be neurotic when you take him into a chaotic situation. High energy dogs get overstimulated easily, and he's still just a puppy.

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