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Changing Dog Food

Hi, I am new here but have read your threads and am impressed with your knowledge. Now I need help.

On the advice of my Vet I was feeding my dog Hills Prescription dry dog food. He is overweight and cannot lose weight, itches all of the time, need I say more. I found out that I really needed to make a change, researched, researched, and ended up with Natural Balance LID Duck and Potato. After about two weeks he had loose potty & I decided it was too rich for my guy and he really didnt want to eat it so I decided I needed a reduced calories diet for his weight anyway. Back to the board, I went with Natural Balance Original Ultra Reduced Calorie diet. It has a combination of meats, fruit, veggies, salmon oil, oatmeal, vitamins, etc. I did think the protein percentage was low but I put grilled chicken cut up on top of his food each day. No seasoning at all. Now after two weeks for giving him this food, his potty is still very soft, and often he tries to go again and it is so runny (sorry) that we cannot pick it up. I so wanted this change to be good for him, make him feel better, hopefully stop the itching, but nothing. Has it been long enough for the original Hills food to completely be eliminated from his system, and has it been long enough on this new food. If I start on another new food, I am concerned he will have the same problem, so I dont know what to do and would appreciate your input. He has blown both knee ligaments, he is a little overweight but we walk him three times a day, and he has arthritis in both rear joints and one front ankle. I give him adequain injections, cosamine ds, and rimadyl pills. He is a little stiff but not real bad in his rear legs, his front ankle is worse and I need to get his weight down because he limps a little after trying to run. Thank you for any help.
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