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Dog pulls/scared

Sorry this is so long, but I thought I'd include everything that might help someone help me.

I have a problem with my 10 month old (mostly) black lab.

He is scared of all big trucks, some small trucks, most things that make loud noises and large curbside recycling/garbage bins. This is making it difficult to go on walks. He clearly is not happy to be out walking when these vehicles/bins are around.

He used to pull a lot, all the time when walking on-leash. I've since done a little leash training. Now he seems only to pull either to get away from the things that make him afraid or as we're walking in the direction of home (excited to be going home.) When we're walking away from home and there are no loud noises, he's a perfect dog walking beside or behind me without pulling, although that may just be because he's not happy to be going away from home.

I do not comfort/pet/baby him when these trucks go by. I command him to sit and we wait until they pass.

I've been reading Ceasar Millan and so, I've been trying to be calm-assertive with him as a way to reassure him that I, the pack leader, am in control and there's really nothing to worry about.

It doesn't work.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I'd really like to be able to go on long walks with him, but it's just too stressful, since we're stopping (or abruptly changing directions) every few seconds.
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