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I've been practicing my circus act whilst painting and re-sealing the skylights...

General chaos abounds right now, it's just nuts...

To top it all off, the little backhoe showed up yesterday to start digging up our foundation (our basement is a tad, er "damp" which I mean "flooded every time it rains")

Owned by:
Solomon - black DSH - king of kitchen raids (11)
Gracie - Mutterooski X - scary smart (9)
Jaida - GSD - tripod trainwreck and gentle soul (4)
Heidi - mugsly Boston Terrier X - she is in BIG trouble!!! (3)
Audrey - torbie - sweet as pie (11 months)
Patrick - blue - a little turd (but we like him anyways) (6 months)
Boo, our Matriarch (August 1 1992 - March 29 2011)
Riley and Molly

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