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My mini-schnauzer has brown discharge from his it serious?

My one year old mini-schnauzer began licking himself like crazy today. I found it odd since he's usually not much of a licker. After observing this for quite sometime this morning I shaved around his unit to see if there was any type of skin irritation...there wasn't anything noticeable to me. I smeared a thin layer of neosporin around the area and then put a doggie diaper on to discourage the licking. He seemed pretty sad all day (and I have not observed him going to the bathroom...nor has he asked to go out), but generally left the area alone. Then came dinner time and he couldn't stand it anymore. He was doing everything he could to get around that diaper and lick. So I took the diaper off to inspect and I noticed that there was some brownish/yellowish discharge in the diaper. He has not stopped licking since I took it off. I suspect I need to bring him in, but can someone offer advice on how serious this might be??? He's never had any health issues prior to this. Any advice would be greatly appreciate!
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