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Make sure you spend some time (more than just a day) with whatever dog you decide to get.
Even individual dogs from supposed low shedding breeds that don't usually flair up your allergies can cause a reaction, so you need to make sure THAT individual dog doesn't cause any issues, or else you and the dog may be heartbroken if you have to take it back.

Also, I agree the doodle breeds don't necessarily not shed since they're a mix. My cousin ALWAYS had cockapoos and they all shedded like crazy. They can inherit traits from either breed.

The best bet if you're looking for a SPECIFIC trait is to get a purebred from a reputable breeder (look for sticky on here about reputable breeders, I'm pretty sure there is one). Purebreds are bred to a specific standard so the breeder's going to try and stay away from unusual traits.

Keep looking for a dog in a shelter though, you may find what you want. I've seen plenty of poodles in shelters that are sweet and need good homes
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