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Yes, it could be that. That's a lot of shots. Poor girl. She's likely running a bit of a fever and will be 'off' for a day or two. If she gets worse, begins to vomit, goes off her food, or doesn't improve by tomorrow night, give the vet a call and see if they want her back in for a recheck.

Setters do seem to be sensitive to needles. If you can break up the vaccinations in the future by even a few days, it'll be easier on her. When she's due for rabies, make sure that one is given solo--we've always had trouble with our setters if we've tried to combine the rabies with anything else. So now, even though it means an extra 90-mile round trip, we separate rabies from all other innoculations. We also try to give them their lepto and Lyme's boosters separately.
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