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Waiting is always the hardest part

for a good result!

As for pilling, I wrap my fingers around the upper snout so that my index finger and thumb end up behind the two canines, then fold the lips gently under the teeth so the dog will not bite down (but my dogs have droopy jowls, so I have lots of lip to work with ). The jaw will open if you move your fingers in firmly but gently behind the canines. When there's enough finger room there, slide the pill down the cheek to the back of the tongue with your other hand, get your fingers out, let go of the snout and offer a treat immediately. If you can get the pill to the back of the mouth, it'll go down automatically, and the treat makes them swallow it down all the way

Not sure if that'll work for you--we start training our dogs with small treats from day one so that when we have to pill them in earnest, they're already expecting that reward for swallowing. But give it a try! I can't tell you how much angst it's saved me when we've had to pill all 8 dogs at the same time!
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