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BenMax - I didn't feel you were barging in at all - your questions have helped me as well. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that and I appreciate the concern and advice you have given.

Dr. Lee - Thank you for the information. I just spoke with my vet and the pathology report showed that the margins are clean however there is an area on the bottom where only .1mm of tissue is clean - this is also an area with many lymphocytes. This is not thick enough to say for sure that there may not have been mast cells below that.

As for a radiation option - I have no idea if they would do that here? Don't even know if there is a canine oncologist in this city? I will ask but her opinion seemed to be to wait and watch as she said that there is a 55% chance over the next 3 years that it might return - I read in the next 6 months so might have to ask about that.

As you were saying, she also felt it was strange to see the facial swelling and hives a week later. We are to continue with benadryl and slowly ween her off of it over the next few weeks and watch for signs of swelling. She was also on the antibiotic amoxil (which she started the day of surgery) but she said that is usually well tolerated in most dogs. Since our dog has a history of a sensitive stomach that is why she prescribed it as it is fairly gentle. I guess this reaction is still a mystery - perhaps something totally unrelated but strange given it was a MCT.

I feel a better about the results but still have questions so will ask more on Thursday - that is when she will have her sutures removed.
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