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Still don't know what it is, waiting for call from the vet. She said there were two kinds of cancer it could be, neither w very good prognosis, but that it didn't feel like it was cancer to her. And when she put the needle in to biopsy, it didn't act like a malignant tumor. So up until today I have managed not to worry too much. But I think I will get the results either today or tomorrow so I'm thinking about it more.

He's on antibiotics to see if that will take care of it, but I'm having a hell of a time getting him to swallow them. He is sooo stubborn. lol If anyone has any advice I need it. I've been wrapping it in cheese and then holding his mouth shut until he swallows, but sometimes he fakes me out and hasn't swallowed even though he seems to have. Sigh....
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