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It appears I'm yet another one who has come here looking for answers to their dogs nosebleeds. I've already cried reading some of your stories.

My 13 year old Westie, Kiri, has occasional nosebleeds. The first time she had one, we had been out for the morning and when we returned home discovered her bleeding, out of one nostril.

We took her to the vet and she put a little camera up her nose, and she found a little cut up her nose. She must have inhaled a sharp seed or or something. There is was no sign of the offending object. The vet checked her nose for swelling, and she declared her fine.

A few weeks later she had another small bleed when we were bringing new carpet into the house (lots of banging and different people wandering about.) I spoke to the vet and she said not to worry, as it likely that her scab in her nose had become dislodged.

A couple of weeks ago she had a small bleed when the fire alarm went off. It was over within an hour.

Last night she came to join us on the sofa, and she jumped up all of a sudden, right on top of the spot where my partner had perched the ashtray and a lit cigarette. We immediately panicked, lifting her high out the way rather suddenly. When I put her down, she started sneezing blood. Last nights bleed was the worst yet. We kept her calm on the sofa, her breathing at one point was awful. She soon got bored of staying still and proceeded to jump off the sofa and chase her tail. As soon as she started doing that, the bf and I gave a sigh of relief, as there she was, smiling at us, licking her nose and wanting to play!

Each time her nosebleed has started, she has been in a stressed situation. She is a generally sneezy dog, we think she has allergies! We put her on an additive free diet a few months ago to see if it would stop her itching so often and it did. I am truly hoping that her nosebleeds are down to stress and nothing else. But I'm taking her to the vet first thing Monday morning to get her checked out again.

Has anyone any tips for stopping nosebleeds? At the moment our immediate reaction is grab a tissue to dab her nose clean and to keep her calm on the sofa, giving her lost of soothing strokes. Is there anything else that can help, and is there any other signs we should be looking out for?

I'm so sorry for all of you that have lost your pets, but I am so grateful to you all for sharing your stories. If it wasn't for you, we'd be unaware that Kiri's nose bleeds could be due to something more serious such as nasal cancer.

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