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the 'illegality' of our inhumanity


Actually I check in quite a bit, but rarely contribute.

Illegal to kill cats inhumanely? Really. Tell that to the people using all the feral cats around here as target practice. Even better. Ask the police to come help the cats. See what response you get. NOTHING.

There needs be some education around animal welfare here, as everywhere. There also needs to be some education around how urban rescuers judge those of us doing rescue in rural areas. The rescue I belong to ~ we try to keep where we each live a secret. But still, we get cats dumped at our private homes, that we can't adopt out. We offer one of the most innovative spay and nueter subsidy programs anywhere. Doesn't make a difference.

Out in the country, animal rescue really targets you in the public eye. That is no small thing when all the folk around you own guns, and your survival depends on getting along with them. I have twice had a drunk neighbour show up in the middle of the night, wanting to 'talk' about my crazy tree hugging, animal lover ways.

Did I call the cops? NO. It would have taken them 45 minutes to get here. And it wouldn't have done anything other than make the situation worse.

They hunt on my property. Can't do anything about it. By the time the warden comes out, if they bother, there is nothing to see.

I had a friend confront some deer hunters that were on his property. They shot the deer right in front of the family. My friend went out and wrestled the gun out of the hunters hands. My friend was then charged with assault.

Anyways, it's just that I sometimes find some peoples comments here really naive and judgemental of others.

We should be able to share our experiences without having someone jump down someones throat. This closes down dialogue and keeps the discussions very internal and cleeky.

How are we to learn from each other to better this world for all if we close down the possibility of new people contributing what they can, how they can, and being welcomed to be part of the conversation?

Having said all that, I find the rescue that I read about here to be truly inspiring. There are some huge hearts out there, and the world is a better place for them all.

Sorry to rant.
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