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worried about thing on/near my dog's lip

It's kind of bulbous, red and angry looking, maybe the size of a large grape and I'm not quite sure if it's his lip or just outside of his lip, like in the crease between lip and chin. It's toward the front of his mouth. He seems to be bahaving normally -- eating like normal, excited about walks and his normal energy level, doesn't get uptight if I look at it. I've touched near it so I could get a better look, but I haven't actually poked at it to see if he gets upset.

I do have a vet appointment to look at it tomorrow afternoon, but I'm worried, and haven't been able to find any info on the web. We noticed it about three hours ago.

eta: In case it matters, he's about ten years old and a mutt. He looks just like a norwegian elkhound, but a little more barrel-shaped.

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