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I came to this forum because I'm looking for info about poisonous plants. My cat is just recovering from a serious illness that might have been triggered by lily poisoning. Fortunately, he is better but I want to make sure that this does not repeat itself. We will get rid of the lilies, but I want to make sure there is nothing else that might be dangerous. Unfortunately, the cat's interest for plants is above average - he bites and chews on everything.

I saw the list, but as other respondents have noted, it is very long. If I have to eliminate all of them, I will only have grass in the garden or the cat will never go outside because I see no way we can keep track of all this...Moreover, he spent several months in the garden without any problem (before we brought in the lilies ) I suspect those plants have a very different level of toxicity. The one I'm concerned about now is hydrangea - some sites say they are moderately toxic, other seem to indicate that they can be very dangerous. Do you have any idea?
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