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Originally Posted by bendyfoot View Post
Ok, just throwing this out there...has any one ever had their dog undergo, or know of one who has had, reconstructive surgery on their genitals (the vulva, specifically i.e. the "outie" part") in order to correct a congenital defect that is responsible for recurring infections?

I assume we are talking about an episioplasty? remove excess perivulvar tissue which can hold in urine and bacteria. This is actually a common procedure and typically works well. It is like a 'face lift'... just in the opposite end of the pet. It usually involves removing a crescent shaped piece of skin and underlying fat. On occasion a second surgery might be needed if not enough tissue was taken on the first surgery. Here is a link from the AVMA which shows a retrospective study that is very encouraging: AVMA Abstract. Also here is another link: Veterinary Practice News

Many veterinarians can perform this surgery (with or without laser)
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