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Originally Posted by Aiony View Post
She eats when I give her something like a piece of chicken, but she won't touch her hard dog food.

She's also having difficulty going to the bathroom...

... there's not much the vet can do except give her something to flush them out correct? I can do that with olive oil and making sure she has fresh water at all times correct? Is there anything else?
While I don't know the diagnosis it does sound like there might be some gastroenteritis - inflammation of the stomach and small intestines can lead to some inappetance and inflammation of the colon can lead to some straining to defecate.

I would recommend a visit to the veterinarian. Some home remedies can be difficult without knowing a little more of what is going on. Olive oil may not hurt in some cases but if inflammation of the pancreas is present then olive oil could make things worse. I would not recommend this at this time.

If you want a home treatment, I would contact your vet and describe the case a little more - she or he might recommend some over the counter pepcid to help out.

Hope this helps and good luck.
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