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I'm glad to hear you got in today and that the news from the visit is pretty good

Originally Posted by Susan Mary View Post
The vet is sure the problems is with his trachea. She suspects the cause is nerve damage from the diabetes. Max is not a good candidate for any kind of surgery, so he's out of luck on that one
Does Max wear a collar all day and when you take him out for a pee or walk do you clip the leash to the collar? If you aren't already you might want to consider completely removing all collars and using either a body harness where his tags can be clipped to the shoulder rings or using a head harness such as the Halti or Gentle Leader and the tags can be clipped either to the halter rings or to the leash. This will remove all pressure on the trachea caused by either pulling or even the slight pressure from him laying on the collar.

I know it's hard to resist when they want to go for a walk so badly & it's not in their best interest to do so. Stay strong.

for Max
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