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Aw, Clara is adorable. It is so wonderful that your group is willing to take on a special needs baby. I have a soft spot in my heart for Westies.

I've not dealt with a blind dog, but my older dog is deaf. I have to say that having a canine companion has made a world of difference for him. When we lost our little Scottie girl last September, he was lost and in his own world. He blossomed (or maybe rebloomed) after we brought Cassidy home. He can pick up on her doggie language and they really can communicate with each other.

I know that with blindness or deafness it is critical that the dog always be on leash for walks--although with the terrier instinct I feel that is necessary regardless. Stairs can present a danger as well. I know you will find her a wonderful forever home where her heart will glow with a loving light to make up for her darkened vision.
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