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We were able to see the vet this afternoon. Max had his fructosamine test for diabetes, I get the results tomorrow. I'm expecting an A-ok on that one.

As for Max's unusual breathing episodes. The vet did chest x-rays to check out his heart and lungs. There was a little edema but not enough to warrant diuretics and his lungs were clear. The vet is sure the problems is with his trachea. She suspects the cause is nerve damage from the diabetes. Max is not a good candidate for any kind of surgery, so he's out of luck on that one.

The boy is to have no physical stress.

So this is the plan.

Max is to avoid the heat of the day by taking his first morning pee at 5:00 am or earlier while it's still on the cooler side. His second pee is at 10:00 am (or so) while wearing a cold T-shirt (soaked, wrung out then frozen). His third pee is to be as late as possible. If it's still hot we are to repeat the T-shirt routine. Last pee just before bed. Repeat until heat wave is over.

We are also to keep a couple of towels at the ready, frozen in the freezer, in case our home gets a little too hot for him.

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