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The first time I went to the vet, she was reluctant to give her meds, so it was just a soothing shampoo. The second time was after the spot on her back was starting to look not so great, and the vet examined her, and kind of picked away at the spot and checked to see if it was smelly. What's involved in an actual skin scraping ? I'm assuming that means something goes on a slide, which the vet did not do. Molly's mighty hard to get a good look at while at the vet, all 13-14 pounds of her have been known to have to be held down by at least 2 people, so there's a chance the vet couldn't get a great look !

It's been a few weeks since she was last at the vet, but then had a couple of weeks of meds. She was fine for a week or so after stopping meds, then the crusties attacked again, and yes, they are itchy.

Her diet, up until this time was Hill's C/D, which she's been on since she was a puppy (she's nearly 13 now), and for a little while there a combo of that and Medi-Cal gastro. No other changes, for a little while there I was giving her a little pumpkin, after a bout of belly troubles a while back (which also was why she was on the Gastro), and even that not in a good few weeks. For a long while now she gets her pills (thyro) in those Greenies pill pocket thingies, or under a little bit of natural peanut butter.

She is on the C/D because of her kidneys / crystals since puppyhood. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed via bloodwork with an underactive thyroid following symptoms like lethargy, shivering and skin problems (mostly dark patches on her belly but also severe skin dryness) , all of which cleared up after she was put on Thyro.
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