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Talking Meet Clara-the little blind Westie Mix!

Hi All...just a quick message to let everyone know that we got a new little rescued Westie/mix in yesterday!

Clara is only 10 months old and was found wandering in Kentucky, they think dumped by a puppy miller. That is bad enough as it stands, but sweet Clara is blind!

Attached is a picture of Clara (with ears that big I guess you don't need great sight!!!)

She was transported to us, Westies in Need, in Ontario, along with 21 (yes I said 21!!!) other dogs from Kentucky shelters all the way to Ontario and Quebec where they were all rescued by different Canadian rescue groups.

We will be moving forward on getting her evaluated by a canine opthamologist to see if anything can be done to help or improve her sight...but if nothing can be done...that's OK too....cause Clara doesn't even know she is blind! She just knows she is now safe.

Now a question...any folks out there deal or have dealt with a blind dog (blind from birth)
We know the obvious stuff like "can't move the furniture" but anything else we need to know??????
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