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Thankyou CM, IM, +14 and SCM.

Vet said for now no xrays, her abdomen is soft. Plus she had two solid poops in the two weeks, so the bowel movements are travelling through.

He said it could be parasites, bacteria, worms. He also said (and this is were I worry) that it could be parvo, even though she is vaccinated against it, parvo is going around our city in a large scale. And I didn't know this, but dogs even thought they are vaccinated doensnt mean they won't get it, it just means that their bodies have a chance at fighting it off. Yeah I know, I figure vaccination = no chance.............

So I will keep you updated, vet appt tomorrow at 10........

Thanks again......

Oh and I am trying to keep happy, the stinky poo in a bag with 7 people waiting in line to pay was hilarious. The receptionist kept saying "ewwww, how come I smell pee?" I kept saying "I have a bag of nasty waiting to be looked at" When I finally made my turn up and plomped the sample down, she said "OHHHHHH yes that is the smell, off to the basement with this, we will call you when we get the results"........I said "well that isn't even as bad as it gets, would you like me to take another tomorrow before I come in?" and she said "NO THIS WILL BE FINE"
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