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Help - Eye problems

Hi there,

I have a golden doodle. He's just about 3 years old. About 4 months ago he started getting a white spot on his eye. It was small at first but kept getting bigger. Now his left eye is about 1/3 covered by this spot and his left eye is about 1/4 covered by this spot. It's not right over the eye ball, more to the tops and sides of the eyes. He has been to see a general vet and now a dog opthamologist. The opthamologist thinks it might be a corneal degeneration or a corneal dystrophy, however, he says that the spots have the characteristics of both. I am trying to get a second opinion however there aren't a lot of dog opthamologists in Ottawa, ON. I'm sure it's not a cataract or anything like that but I don't know what else it could be and it keeps getting worse. I fear he may soon be blind.

Just wondering if anyone has seen or heard of anything like this. All suggestions appreciated.

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