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I've never heard breathing like this before!

I have a ten year old intact male Chocolate Labrador. His name is Max. We use to call him Max the Wonder Dog but he recently went blind so now we call him Max the Stevie Wonder dog. Max has been diabetic for about six months and takes 30 units of caninsulin, twice a day. Sorry, off the top of my head, I can't remember his fructosamine test result.

Recently, he developed allergies (weepy, puffy eyes) and now takes 50 mg of Benadryl three times a day as prescribed by his vet.

I take him for slow, short walks and let him take as much time as he wants. Sometimes he even lays down for a few minutes and pants. I allow him this pleasure because his breathing sounds a bit labored when we go for our walks. I had asked the vet about it and she thought it was just age.

Last night his breathing changed. On our walk, he started to wheeze loudly, exactly like a human asthmatic. Within a few minutes, his breathing changed again and went from bad to worse. The wheeze was replaced by a loud ratchet type sound. (I don't remember if it was on the inhale or the exhale.) I've never heard anything like it. It reminded me of the sound a computer chair makes when you lean too far back on it and was just as loud. Once we were back at home his breathing returned to normal slowly, from ratchet to wheeze to labored to normal, the whole thing took about two hours with lots of drooling but no vomiting and no signs of edema. (The walk was only about three blocks total but it was hot outside. My dog had a drink of water just before we went out. Urine and stool were both normal.)

Today the exact same thing happened, again.

Any ideas?

I don't have a vet appointment until the middle of next week unless I go to the emergency which is very expensive.

Thank you for you help.

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