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A sling - or the Bottoms Up Leash to help hold up hind end. Keep away from stairs unless you carry pup up - same with bed/sofa etc. At this point a ramp won't help too much - you will have to do the heavy lifting. When you are not at home, it is possible to allow a bigger area of space because I suspect Angel will not try to move around too much - different when you are there. And of course a lot depends on the will of the dog - in the 2 cases I lived through - slightly different - Dachshund disc disease - both of my dogs were much younger, had the horrible surgery - but were very Alpha and determined to get from A to B to supervise me. A friend of mine has a very large breed dog with DDD and she manages much as I have suggested - careful with walks - just out to do business, take in the breeze, helps with rear end - just takes it a day at a time. Some physio but that depends on the dog. Be very careful to keep weight at low end. You will most definitely know if Angel starts to experience any sort of pressure on her spinal nerves - should that happen, please get her to the vet immediately - the longer you wait the harder it will be - on Angel and you. Best of luck. I know exactly how you feel.
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