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I posted this in your other thread last night ...

I do not have any experience with degenerative disc disease either but here's some info .....

I agree with the advice the other posters have given you. As far as the glucosamine supplements I would get a reputable brand that also includes chondroitin and msm. I have a 95 lb yellow lab that gets 2 capsules twice a day with both his morning and evening meals.

Salmon oil is another good supplement to add. If the brand doesn't include vitamin e in it them you need to supplement that a few times a week as well.

The link TeriM gave you ( ) has excellent information. I would definitely switch your dog to a grain free kibble and recommend Orijen ( ) or Acana Provincial ( ).

Good luck and please keep us posted.

I know there are members here that have experience with DDD and will be able to give you more information.
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