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Degenerative Disc Disease


I made a thread previously that talked about the symptoms my dog showed. At that time I was not sure what she had but she shows the following.
- Some times loses balance and falls while walking (usually when tired).
- Back feet and nails or worn off because of her dragging her toes against the pavement when walking.
- Some loss of appetite, although she still asks for my food.

These are the symptoms, she did grow some bumps on her body in here lifetime, but we got them removed. Some new bumps have appeared recently and getting them removed is getting very costly and we've spent thousands and the past few months taking care of her different problems. It's sad to admit it, but she is getting old (turning 11 in December). Her name is Angel and she is certainly one. By the way, she's a German shepherd.

The problem began a few months ago after having her surgery on her belly to get an ugly bump removed. This was April, but we were getting worried sometime in June. We had her visit a wonderful vet, and she told us right away that it must be degenerative disc disease. It makes me cry since I knew some people who had dogs with the same problem.

I don't want this problem to get worse, and people keep telling me it will get worse. I pray for a miracle so that things get better. So please people, if you have any tips, let me know. I hate to keep her confined in a small area, but if that's really going to help then please let me know. Should I be walking her at all? The vet gave us medicine and supplements to help treat the problem but I need all the ideas I can get. Thank you everyone.
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