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Thank you

Mandy's getting so much harder to get outdoors. She won't budge.
Ughhhh. She's actually now starting to scare me, as when we got her outside yesterday, she peed, laid down and then poo'd while lying down, this morning I awoke to pee by her bed. (This may have come from fear though, as I have a baby crib mattress against the walls and one fell ontop of's not a heavy one (very very lightweight), no worries there, but it may have scared her enough to pee. She used to pee during thunderstorms out of fear.

I just pray they get my appointment asap.
I have already made up my mind, I am going to take what the vet at the college says, and believe in him/her.

He/She is the specialist, and I have to listen to what they say and go from there. I am going to the best Vet College in Canada, there is no other opinions in my mind. I just need answers as soon as possible, so like you said I know what I am dealing with.

When I sit alone and really start to think, you are right my body is already going numb, I feel like Im dreaming. I can't believe that one day my girl won't be here no more...I just can't fathom more greetings in the mornings, no more hellos when I get home from work...complete's going to hurt like nothing before.

But then I think how lucky I am, how lucky that I am getting to say my goodbyes, have my talks with her, hold her, cry with her and love her. There are some ppl who dogs die accidently and quickly and they didn't get the chance that I am having right now, so Im embracing every single day. (Not that I haven't embraced her for the last 13.5yrs mind you. *S*)

I know in time, the pain will subside...Im greatful for the photos and videos I have, and she'll be in my heart forever!

I'll never be ready to say goodbye, this is true, but if there is no more I can do for my babe, then I do have to have the courage, strength and the love to help her be at peace.

Thank you again one and all..what a great group!


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