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Originally Posted by Rottielover View Post
To get back to the original thread, Teri I have heard of it, have not tried anything yet other than the prednisone. If you can PM with any kind of side effects that she had. I would like to know if this may be an option for Roxy sometime.
I hope you find something that works well with her soon.
Rottielover, this thread is actually from a year ago and I put Lucy on the previcox shortly after. Lucy was on previcox until quite recently when I have taken her off on the advice of our homeopath vet. Her liver enzymes (and now some kidney) have continued to slowly increase in that time although it is hard to say if they would have done that with or without the previcox based on her history. We are currently experimenting with chiropractor adjustments (good ) and the use of some supplements and some homeopathic remedies. She did have a noticeable drop in her comfort level when we stopped the previcox but has since rebounded fairly well. I am in a wait and see mode right now to see if she can maintain this if not I will put her back on the previcox as her comfort is more important to me then the additional stress on the liver.
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