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Mandy's Update

Hello all,
First let me say, THANK YOU...thank you for caring, thank you for listening and thank you for your thoughts, prayers and advice.

Mandy is being referred to the Guelph Veternarian College, in Guelph, Ontario. It's the best in Ontario, Canada.

Today at the vet, she had her ear cleaned with a saline solution, then examined again with the otoscope. The vet said she could see deeper this time compared to last week, and she said she can't be 100% sure, but feels her ear drum is ruptured.

Mandy will go to the specialists, and have an ear swab done and a skull scan. (Yes, Im terrified of her being sedated, but I've decided that if the good Lord takes her during this, then that is what is meant to be...I will be rest assured, that I didn't give up on my girl, that Im tryin my darndest to help her.)

If it turns out to be a ruptured ear drum, the swab will tell us what antibiotic to use to help heal this.
If in the skull scan they find a tumor, then well...I can't even go down that road just yet.

I've taken her off the gravol on Wed., as it conked her out so bad, that I had a really hard time getting her to go outside. Her head tilt now only appears when she's tired, or her head will sway left to right.

She's back on her previcox (pain medication) and another 2 wks worth of her antibiotics.

Just like ScottiDog's Mac..she eats from the side of the plate, scoots her food around. Once in awhile I will get her to drink from the bowl (I have to hold the bowl and her head), but for the most part, we use the turkey baster.

Mandy tires very easily aswell. Sometimes she just lies there makes me sad to wonder what she's thinking of.

Last night, I was alone with her. She laid on the kitchen floor, I sat with her head in my hands and cried and cried. We had a heart to heart. I told her everything I am tryin to do, that I love her more and more everyday, and I told her the story of how I fell in love with her the minute I laid eyes on her...there were 9 lil pups running all around...but her eyes...ohhh those eyes...and she chose me.

I remember the first night at my home. She cried and cried. My heart melted, I remember thinking how sorry I felt for her, me taking her from her was at that precise moment, that I made a pledge, a promise to my never ever let her feel that lonely feeling ever again. I am proud to say after 13.5 years, I feel in my heart, she has never felt that loneliness again and never will. (attached is a photo of her 1 week after I brought her home)

Okay..sorry rambling...I should find out next week when my appointment is with the specialists..and I will certainly let you all know.

Again...thank you...what a kind and loving forum this is!

Jennifer & Mandy
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