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DiandPat, thank you for asking about Mac. We are just taking things a day at a time. At 14+ I feel that this is the best. Mac had a Vestibular episode at the end of June. Honestly, we thought he had hurt his leg, with his long hair we didn't see the eye movements. He was coming out of the episode when we got to the vet about 36 hours in. Nine days after the initial episode, I startled him when waking him for a walk (he is deaf and very jumpy) and he had a "relapse" that was lesser in intensity. My vet said he honestly didn't know if it was an additional attack, or a relapse. He said other attacks could occur without warning and to give supportive care. We did a mild dose of steroids and I was actually told to wean him off faster than planned. My vet doesn't advocate extensive steroid use (I saw Dr. Lee's post supporting this as well).

We have good days and so-so days. I have noticed that Mac tires a little faster and on slick floors, his legs tend to slip and slide a little (more so when he first wakes up). He still eats from one side of his bowl and scoots the dish around to get to his food--I mix in some canned to make the food sticky so he can eat better. Yesterday, he was very happy and chasing Cassie when she got home from training. I found a toy ball that holds treats and has an erratic roll. Mac loves this toy and gets it daily with some healthy treats. I think it gives him mental and physical exercise which is helping him. And, I think this is a good sign, Mac has started sleeping upside-down on his back again. It really hits home how much he has aged and very noticeable since Cassie (age 3) came to live with us. I see her bolt the stairs two at a time and remember it has been so long since Mac did this. I know that at this stage, Mac is like "Grampa"--he has had a wonderful, long, rich, happy life. Anything I can do to make his twilight time wonderful, I will do. I am also blessed that I have a wonderful, caring vet to help us.

Jennifer's appointment for Mandy was rescheduled for today. I know this is very hard for her. I can feel the depth of her love for Mandy and her posts.

Thank you for being willing to share your journey with this disease.

-Sandra (ScottieDog)
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