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Originally Posted by bendyfoot View Post
can I xpost this on another board? I can ask my hcapp pets peoples...there's tons of neuro/diapery-types there, lots of experience...

or you can ask yourself at

Oh, thank you so much!!! If you could cross-post, that would be much appreciated! I'll send the link to the foster mom too! Thank you!!!

They found a specialist who will do an initial consult for them on Monday and will let the rescue do a payment plan. GREAT news for little Nismo and hopefully they'll get good news from the appt too! They don't know if he'll just walk poorly as he develops or if he'll need diapers and wheelchair or if surgery can be done or not, so hopefully Monday will yield more answers. In any event, at least they are finally getting Nismo into the right people who can help and who will work with them with their budget. What a relief. Thank you all again so much for your help as well!
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