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They were able to take Nismo to a different vet this morning and here's the update from the foster mom:

Vets office said that they did an x-ray on Nismo and it was determined that it's either one or two of the back vertebra's (towards the end of his spine near his anal opening) that weren't formed correctly. They feel he has a mild case of spinal difda.(question spelling) They also said Nismo has no anal tone so a prolapse surgery will not work and will just come out again. He is at low risk of any urine infection, because he does dribble pee, and because he can't control his poo, his only risk would be that the prolapse tissue would dry up or maybe even a fly would land on his opening and lay an egg, not sure the odds on that happening.

Vets office feels there is nothing else they can do at this moment and suggests that we take Nismo to see a neurological specialist.

So at this point, they are going to raise the funds to get him to a specialist. I don't know anything about these kind of issues and if there is hope with a specialist or if Nismo will be in diapers for life or what his outcome will be. Hopefully they can get him into a specialist soon! Thank you Dr. Lee and Hazel again so much! Tammy (foster mom) was very grateful for you, Dr. Lee! It gave her hope to try for a second opinion and push for the x-ray. Thank you so much!
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