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Shai and I thank you all.. He has been sleeping pretty much none stop and still wont let me leave his side. My daughter has been able to give me some breaks and sits with him and he has been content with that. I can only imagine what it must have been that he went thru.

Bendy, please do check out those links I posted above. They REALLY do help you figure out where they could be. Although I was not able to locate Shai they may help you. I can totally sympathize with you on searching in such rural conditions. I never realized how high a bean field was until I was searching on foot. Check for tracks in the rows of corn and such. And bring a cane or good stick to move around the underbrush. Listen, listen, listen. We found cat tracks in the corn fields above and also a regurgitated grey hair ball. Although Shai was white, it gave us hope thinking it was the remnants of a mouse and it did just that-it kept the hope alive in me. I think its not only important to not give up your search but more important not to give up the hope and every little clue you can find keeps it kindled. Im sure I drove the other residence crazy around here because I called and called him every day and night all these weeks. And loudly so my voice would carry. Maybe that was what gave him the direction back home. Everytime I headed outside for anything I called out his name and all the cutesy things I say to him to try and reassure him that I was there if he could hear me. One of the links suggests a live trap and if you come across tracks, it may be something to consider. I think you can rent them from the local dog catchers if you dont have one. Also go back and check any postings you have put up. I had two grocery stores take them right down the next day. Talk and talk to neighbours. I put flyers in everyones mailbox in a 3 kilometer radius of us and went back again and again to some of them. Read those links! Your kitty can go a fair distance depending on their personality. Check places that may be closed or residences that may have gone on holidays...I wish you so much luck and send hugs in support and Shais Guardian Angels to watch over Molly.
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