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Originally Posted by Luvmypitgirls View Post
I understand what you mean AG, I didn't mean to sound like I was questioning your decision, I hope I didn't come across that way.
For me, it just seemed better bringing him home, since we got another appt in the morning.
I know he's uncomfortable, but leaving him would've stressed him out even more, and they didn't offer to keep him, as he isn't considered critical and he's in no immediate threat.

No, I didn't think you were questioning me. You guys know I'm a worry wart anyway, LOL. But had she not been having the poops I would have brought her home. I just felt if I took her home, without being seen she would get worse.

I will have to look up a good health food store when I'm in the city tomorrow, I'm also going to run the idea of virgin coconut oil past the vet to see what he thinks. I'm just curious, because most vets I've encountered don't agree with "home remedies" or anything outside of their medical arsenal. So it will be interesting to see how he reacts.
I had asked my vet once about it and she said she didn't think it would do any harm, so she was fine with it. But, my vet is really open to alternative stuff. She's even been recommending the sulpher soap I used on Vlad to other clients. Have you tried that? Maybe if you could get a towel and soap it up and clean his ears with it? Ask your vet about that.
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